The Process

The Process

The Process

RTT – Step by Step

An overview from first consultation to post-treatment.

Step 1:

Free Consultation – Get in touch

It all starts with your decision to choose to get in touch with me.

Once I receive your application form, I will set up a 15-minute phone conversation with you – to answer your questions and recommend how I can help you with your concerns.

Step 2:

Book A Session

Subject to the information received in your form and initial consultation, a booking is offered for your RTT session at a mutually convenient time. You can choose a face-to-face or online session.

Step 3:

Session Begins

​The session begins with a clarifying conversation where I will ask specific questions to understand the background of your life experience, your concern and the outcome you desire.

Step 4:

Inducing Hypnosis

With your consent, a hypnotic trance is induced for you. You will feel wonderfully relaxed with an inward focus, deepening an awareness of your inner thoughts, feelings and state of mind. You do not lose consciousness or control.

Step 5:

Deepening Hypnotic Trance

A few minutes are spent helping you deepen your hypnotic trance and demonstrate the suggestibility of your mind in this phenomenally healing calm state. You get to experience how easily smoothly effortlessly accessible your mind becomes to you.

Step 6:


Together we will seek to regress to review 3-4 scenes in your memory, specific to the issue/concern you are facing. You will be able to relay exact, crucial memories, events, experiences in your past and the meanings you made from them at that time.

Step 7:


We will collaborate to investigate the feelings and emotions that come up to establish the deeper beliefs you formed from these events and experiences. Your brilliant subconscious mind will help you understand the beliefs that are the root cause of your current concerns.

Step 8:


Then there are several tools and techniques that can be applied so you are able to release the harmful and hurtful beliefs. This is happening in the subconscious mind, not in your analytical or conscious mind.

Step 9:


A reframe of your mindset is spoken directly to your mind , where you set yourself free from those limiting, harmful and hurtful beliefs that you no longer wish to have.

Step 10:


The session concludes with a 15 – 30 minutes transformational narrative, of the positive empowering transformative thoughts, feelings, beliefs that you have chosen before and during the session. This a phenomenally healing empowering experience for you where you get to update and upgrade your subconscious mind.

Step 11:

End of Session

You are brought back to your full conscious awareness, feeling wonderful, deeply relaxed and feeling positively changed.

Step 12:

Audio Recording

An audio recording file of the transformation (in step 10) is sent to you, to listen to for the next 30 days. This is a critically important step to make permanent changes in your mind and life.

Step 13:

After Care

After care is offered by email/telephone/text to support you for the next 30 days.
A half hour coaching/mentoring session via video call is booked for day 30 to assess the changes and to recommend steps moving forward.